Susan Kneeland  captures life!



I create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to still life and animal portraits.

My Work

Whether you're looking for an exquisite portrait or would prefer a personal image designed exclusively for your home, I would love to work with you. I am happy to offer suggestions and artwork that will help enhance your special signature and add beauty to your decor.  You are invited to visit my conveniently located studio in southern NH, commission me for original artwork, or enroll for private art classes.

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me

Off Season                                                                          oil

                            ( private collection)


I approach my work with a unique perspective developed over years of training and experience. My style and technique are broad and flexible, as well as avidly collected. Don't be left out from owning an original work of fine art for your home and a great visual reminder of what you love!


"I have collected Susan's work for my home for over twenty years. Every day when I contemplate one of the pieces I feel as though I am fortunate to be able to have these reminders of what I love!" --(A. Doucette, NH)

"Susan did portraits of my grandchildren several times throughout their years of growing and changing, which provides me with 'forever' memories that my camera could never reproduce!! -- (Lynne D., NH)

"The best teacher I've ever had, and one of the kindest, most sincere, and unbelievably gifted people I have ever known" --Ella C.(former student)

"Susan drew a portrait of my dog as a gift for my wife, and I was over-whelmed with the likeness. It was the best gift I have ever given!!!" MB

"Just a Beach Day""

acrylic, monochromatic