To inquire about prices and availability for lessons, 

please use the 'contact' page on this site.

Learning to make art should be a joyous experience. 

Creating images that capture attention, evoke imagination, and make other people take notice, 

simply feels good. 

Learning how to draw will also benefit you in other areas of life!

All lessons are private to ensure your rapid growth, and  they are tailored to your learning process. All mediums are taught, from graphite to oil painting, and everything in between!!! Most classes are one hour long.  Age 8 to adult are accepted.

The skills that develop as you take art lessons are useful tools that will come more naturally after a few months of lessons. Attention to details is enhanced, listening skills improve, eye/hand co-ordination is strengthened and your attention span will increase. You will realize that all along you have recorded many images that mean something special to you, and that there are many, many more colors to sights than you were able to see before. You will recognize patterns and rhythms to the natural order of things, and be more easily content with yourself and our world. Art opens your mind. When you are studying clouds it will lead us to conversations about the color of the sky, the type of clouds we see and why they look like they do. You will enjoy learning the science involved in natural objects as well as man made objects. We will delve into art history so you will understand how artwork has evolved into the contemporary ways it is created today. We will explore images of other countries and their people, as well as animals and birds, and anything else that inspires you.

Taking private lessons benefits you immensely because you will be able to choose the images you want to makeTaking art lessons will also give you the benefit of watching how I make a living as an artist. I will encourage you to join art associations where you can participate in exhibitions and have a chance to sell your work or gain commissions for your art. I will require you to frame and mat your artwork, not only to honor it and the effort you used to make it, but also to learn about presentation, which is an art form itself! You will participate in an annual exhibit that I have refined for the past twenty years. This exhibit attracts hundreds of people and fosters the desire to create.

If you are still attending school, and make a decision to attend an art college, or minor in art, I will be able to help by writing letters of recommendation for you. I will assist you in the creation of a strong portfolio filled with images that will come into an art school’s admission office and cause attention. My students have a 100% acceptance rate at all art colleges in our nation that they have applied to and have received numerous awards and astounding scholarships for their creative artwork!!