Hiring an artist to create work for you should be worry-free, and relatively easy.

The first thing you should do is look over work that the artist has created to see if you like the appearance of their mark-making, and to ensure quality.

When looking over the artist's work, try to find images of the subject matter you have in mind. Look for the use of colors and designing, such as how balanced the work looks on the finished product.

Next contact the artist. Ask questions, set dates, and listen to suggestions. Everything should be explained clearly so there is no worry about your investment. You should expect to pay up to 1/2 of the agreed upon fee at the start of the work, and to pay the remainder of the balance at the time of pick up.

Above are two examples of commissions that Susan was hired to create.

Each customer wanted a different result, size, and subject matter, and used guidance, direction, and suggestions from the artist to help make their choice.

The boat on the left is an 18" X 24" acrylic painting. The client wanted soft colors and a large scene from a photograph they had taken. The customer also wanted it in a frame, and ready to hang, as they were gifting it to some friends, and wanted it to be ready to go. It was boxed for travel by the artist for an additional fee.

The commission on the right, the horse, was also being given as a gift, and the person who was going to be receiving it is the person on the horse,. This client needed to be sure that the woman on the horse was clearly described, so the artist created this masterpiece in pastels (soft chalks) vs. paints, because pastels allow for more refined details. Also, the client wanted a very large work of art, unmatted and unframed, so he could bring it to a framer to select specialty woods for the presentation of the gift. This work measured 22" X 26", unframed.

All of the materials that are used by Susan are archival. Archival is a term often used to imply that a material will be stable over time. (Archival media is) material that can be expected to retain information forever, so that such information can be retrieved without significant loss when properly stored. There is a slightly alkaline Ph balance to the papers, canvasses and materials used by Susan to ensure longevity of the artwork.

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